What is Ranka Concierge?
A shopping experience that re-defines the concept of Quality shopping. Ranka Concierge is a Service rendered by Ranka Jewellers, where You can create an appointment to visit the showroom , and have a personal shopping assistant display to you the pieces of Jewellery that You have chosen before-hand. It is the true meaning of Quality over Quantity.

Why should I Choose Ranka Concierge?
With over 10,000 beautiful pieces of jewellery present in at Ranka Jewellers, it is inconvenient to see every single one in a visit. Ranka Concierge offers You the option of choosing, before-hand, the pieces that appeal to you. You are then welcome to the Showroom at a time of Your choosing, where you will be received by a valet who is dedicated to You during the duration of Your Appointment.

How does Ranka Concierge Work?
It is very simple - you only have to add those items to Your "Wishlist" that you want to see when you visit the showroom. You then select the date and time of Your arrival, and we will be ready for You. You will receive a reminder call from the Ranka showroom a few hours before Your Visit.